May 3, 2021

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Twin Graphics, working together with AMG Outdoor Advertising, has worked hard to provide you a smooth and seamless experience for getting your custom ad live on the large 25 Ft. x 48 Ft. Digital Billboard.

What are the steps to make this happen?

This is how it works:

Step #1

To get everything started, pay for the Design/Setup of your custom billboard. This is done through the website by each customer.


Once you make this purchase, the Design Team is automatically notified. They will then contact you at the phone number you provide. The Design Team will find out what you would like on your billboard and have you send any graphic assets (e.g. your logo, pictures, etc.) to a specified email. Generally, within 1-business day you will receive a proof of your custom billboard design.

Step #2

When you receive the email (to the email you provided) of your custom designed billboard proof, you can approve or ask for changes. The Design Team will work with you to get your billboard designed exactly how you want it.

Along with the proof sent to your email, you will be able to opt in for any Special Deals currently being offered. 

Once you give the final approval of the design/setup and pay for your ad space (see Step#3), your ad is live on the 25 Ft. x 48 Ft. Digital Billboard within 24 hours!

Step #3

Your ad space is paid for via a link to your email. Through this link you will be able to put in your credit card information. After you complete this, your first 4-wk Ad Spot invoice is generated and a receipt is sent to your email. 

The digital billboard ad spots work off a 28 day (4-wk) cycle. You will continue to be charged every 28 days for your billboard spot until you choose to cancel. A courtesy reminder is sent to your email 10 days prior to your credit card being charged. If you wish to stop your billboard ad when you receive this reminder, just let us know (at the email given) that you want to cancel your billboard.

That’s it!

Pretty easy and streamlined!

Our goal is to make the process easy and enjoyable for our customers! We want to make YOU look good! We offer the 8secondAD to allow anyone to take advantage of being on a huge billboard. 

~ ENJOY being on the billboard!